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uallim-ul-Quran truly is an anomalous step towards the understanding of the Holy Quran. Learning and understanding of this ultimate book of guidance has always been challenging and even harder if one is trying to demystify it by themselves i.e. without a teacher, so the good news is, this book with its easy and exclusive method of teaching helps students to understand The Quran more thoroughly and more easily. It also enables them to grasp the real meaning/gist of The Holy Quran directly in Arabic language without engaging them in grammar and traditional Tables.

The aim of this book is to develop such abilities that make the learner able enough to understand Quran easily on initial stages/the beginners level such as in schools, colleges, universities and in Quran circles by assimilating, first, just one word, then one phrase, then one sentence and eventually a complete verse. This indeed is a very unique and helpful method that took a massive research.

Three volumes of the book have been published, each volume comprises of six units whereas fourth volume that will contain unit seven and eight will soon be published inshallah.

A student can understand 60% of any page of The Holy Book by himself, only after s/he has properly finished the first six units of the book. It’s guaranteed!!

This book now has become a part of the syllabus of many schools, colleges and universities in Pakistan.

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About the Author

A writer by day, a reader by night, Dr. Ubaid-Ul-Rehman Bashir is a renowned linguist specializing in Arabic; He is a member of the Arabic Faculty at the International Islamic University, Islamabad as well as the Principal of “Institute of Arabic Language” (Ma'had-ul-Lughat-Ul-Arabiyya) in the same city.

Dr. Ubaid is well-known in the country for his unique approach towards teaching & learning the language of the Qura'n. Having finished his PhD in Arabic Literature only recently, he is now the writer of the Mu'allim-Ul-Quran, a book unlike any other contemporary Arabic Learning textbook. Through the Mu'allim-Ul-Quran, he has paved, for the average student of the Quran, an easy path towards comprehending the book of Allah.


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First presentation of Muallim-ul-Quran

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