Presentation of Muallim ul Quran in the meeting of Wafaq ul Madaris, Pakistan on 28th february,2018

The annual Confederate meeting of Wafaq ul Madaris was held in Faisalabad, on February 28, 2018. On that blessed occasion, despite the scarcity of time, Dr.Ubaid ur Rahman got a chance to explain, with brevity, some of the simplifying aspects of the Muallim-ul- Quran. First ever occasion, when the fundamentals of this research were presented to the Scholars of madaris board. Esteemed professor, Yasin Zafar, Maulana Yunus Butt, and Maulana Masood Alam Nadvi expressed their special kindness and admiration. However, Professor Senator, Sajid Mir  took it upon himself to closely observe that theory and fractions of its practicalities. With the additional kindness of assuring us of his patronage.

     All the scholars, attending this conference, were given a set of Muallim-ul-Quran, and were implored to do a ruthless /intense critical analysis of the book and so help us with their valuable guidance and suggestions.Dr.Ubaid ur Rhaman also requested them to launch similar courses everywhere, in every city, village, mosque and neighborhood for the nationwide promotion of this divine language, that's Arabic.

    Quite interestingly, some of the folks, traveled really far to reach us, merely, under the misconception, that without the conventional Arabic grammar learning and teaching Quran is next to impossible. But thankfully, by the end of our elaborate presentation, our ideas were in sync. The very same people seemed quite satisfied and ready to relinquish their belief that was keeping them from making the necessary progress in learning the life-sustaining Book, the Holy Quran.