Teachers' Corner

A hearty Welcome to our respectable Teachers!
Let’s work together to make the understanding of the Quran easy for everyone!

Aims and Benefits of Registration:
The Teacher’s corner has been created with the aim of connecting the teachers of Muallim-ul-quran with the administration. The Author of Muallim-ul-Quran, Dr.Ubaid ur Rahman Bashir, & the website administration will collaborate with the teachers of mualli-ul-quran around the globe through emails. Registered teachers can avail the following facilities here:

  • Direct Assistance in the method of teaching Muallim-ul-quran through webinars and workshops.
  • Provision of tests, worksheets & examination papers.
  • Provision of audio & video aid related to the book Muallim-ul-quran.
  • Help of other teachers and cooperation in case of any issues related to the book.
  • Registered teachers will have the opportunity to register their class with us at info@muallim-ul-quran.com, and upon completion of the class muallim-ul-quran’s administration will hold an examination process, after which successful students will be granted certificates. Teachers will also be awarded certificates upon successful completion of the class.
  • In case of an institute’s request for provision of teaching staff, the registered teachers of Muallim-ul-quran will be nominated by the administration.
  • The administration will award certificates and shields to the best teachers. Teachers can submit a request for certificate through their institutes or email on info@muallim-ul-quran.com.
  • The website administration can visit classes of muallm-ul-quran teachers upon their request.
  • Registered teachers can send videos and pictures of their class. These will be presented on the website and other social media accounts of the institute.
Who can register here?
The following teachers can register here:
  • Those who are teaching muallim-ul-quran currently.
  • Those who are planning to teach the book in future.
  • Those who want to learn the easy methods of teaching muallim-ul-quran.
Please note that this registration is free and all the personal data is kept confidentially by the website administration.

You are not alone in the Teaching of the muallim-ul-quran,